Weed Street Dispensary

List Of Weed Street Dispensary

Weed Street Dispensary, Since recreational marijuana was legalised in Illinois more than two years ago, anybody over the age of 21 has been able to buy cannabis products for personal use. Chicago dispensaries used to be plagued by long lineups and limited inventory, but now that more sites are available to recreational users, and supply is able to keep up with demand, buying flowers, vapes, and concentrates is much simpler. 

All across town, you can discover a variety of dispensaries that provide diverse products and educated budtenders who can help (kind of like going to a great Chicago wine shop). To keep up with the influx of newly authorised dispensaries, more marijuana-related companies may launch soon, providing more options for getting high.

If you’re planning on purchasing marijuana for the first time in Chicago, be aware that shops only accept cash as payment. You may be able using a debit card at some marijuana dispensaries, but it’s always a good idea to carry some money in your wallet. Are you all fired up? Here are the locations of Chicago’s cannabis dispensaries.

The 33rd Dispensary In The City

Weed Street Dispensary, Dispensary 33, located in Uptown, was Chicago’s first medical marijuana dispensary when it received its medical marijuana licence in 2015. Many displays show off their wares and the walls are covered in elaborate drawings of cannabis plants, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a pot museum when you first walk in. In order to provide the best possible service to its consumers, Dispensary 33 conducts extensive study and testing on every species of flower, pre-roll, and tincture before making a decision to sell it.


You knew a dispensary would pop up on Weed Street sooner or later, didn’t you? Only recreational products are for sale at the Chicago site of Curaleaf, which is part of a regional network that includes locations in the adjacent cities of Justice, Skokie and Melrose Park in Illinois. Weed Street Dispensary, Before or after you get some food at the Whole Foods across the street, go by to start stocking up on THC-rich items.

Lakeview In Sunnyside, New York

Weed Street Dispensary, There are nine outlets of this brick-and-mortar retail brand spread across the state, operated by the national cannabis behemoth Cresco Labs. A modest shop north of Wrigley Field used to house Sunnyside’s initial Chicago outlet in Lakeview, but the company recently relocated to a bigger flagship site on Clark Street farther south. Sunnyside’s online marketplace is a great place to stock up on everything from flowers to edibles to tinctures to pre-rolled joints (and yes, Mindy’s gummies are a necessity). It’s easy to pick up—just bring your driver’s ID and order number with you.

Get A Lift To The Top Of Moca Logan Sqaure

Weed Street Dispensary has been available at the Logan Square site of Ascend by MOCA since 2016, but the company recently began selling it recreationally. Come on Milwaukee Street through the former Emporium Pop-up space storefront if you’re shopping for recreational items (medical customers can utilise the Fullerton Avenue door). Budtenders at Ascend by MOCA will walk you through a menu that includes flowers, edibles, vapes & focusses. They can also help you join up for Ascend by MOCA’s loyalty programme, which gives discounts and the opportunity to earn free goods.

The Center For Herbal Health And Healing

The Tri-Taylor Historical District as well as the Illinois Medical District are located to the south of this dispensary, known as the THC Center. List Of Weed Street Dispensary, Staff at Herbal Care Center can help consumers find the right cannabis product for their requirements, whether it’s a sweet edible or a strong extract, because they have one of Illinois’ largest stocks of cannabis goods. Patients in need of a specific strain or recreational clients looking for a wide selection will both be able to discover what they need here.

Dispensary In Mission

In the event that you haven’t used marijuana in some time, Mission Dispensary can serve as your guide to all things legalisation in Illinois. Newcomers to South Chicago may rely on the shop’s employees to show them the way, and they’ll customise an experience just for them. It’s all here, from rolling papers & lighters to bongs, pipes, and ashtrays.

In Nature’s Hands

Everything from THC-infused bath salts & mango goobies to individual pre-rolls can be found at Nature’s Care, which is located in the West Loop neighbourhood of Chicago. With that said, a Community Benefits Agreement with the Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition, which focuses on providing jobs and training to those who are disproportionately impacted, and sourcing BIPOC-owned products and services are the most notable aspects of the company’s strategy.

Dispensary 33 (West Loop) 

In the wake of the triumph of its Andersonville site, Dispensary 33 has opened a second facility in Chicago’s West Loop neighbourhood. Products for recreational use only are available for purchase at this location, and many of them are on display in glass cases around the store (which is a bit more sparse than its mural-lined counterpart up north). Weed Street Dispensary, Conveniently located just a few blocks from some of New York City’s top eateries, such as J.P. Graziano Grocery, Momotaro, and The Girl & the Goat, you can’t argue with that. Make a Dispensary 33 profile before you arrive at the shop!


Originally known as NuMed, the Chicago-based cannabis company is now known as NuEra, a nod to Illinois’ newfound acceptance of marijuana as a recreational drug. Adult-use customers must make online reservations in advance to visit the shop, which is both snug and elegant. In addition to vape cartridges and pens, NuEra carries delicacies including candy, chocolates, and pretzels as well as a wide selection of flowers.

Green Thumb Chicago : Weed Street Dispensary

As one of Chicago’s first national dispensary chains, Zen Leaf has opened its first Chicago branch inside the heart of Greektown. To save money, ask about the newest package deals and weekly promotions. Customers can get anything from flowers to tinctures online, over the phone, or at the counter.

River North Sunnyside In The City Of Chicago

Weed Street Dispensary, One of the two Chicago locations of Cresco Labs’ retail brand, this riverfront shop makes it easy to get pot on the way from the Loop.. There’s more of a chance to look around while there are things on display, but you can also shop online through Sunnyside’s marketplace & pick up your order. If you’re looking for a variety of flowers, pre-rolled joints & edibles (like Mindy Segal’s popular candies), you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for here.

Toke Up On Weed

If you’re in the market for shatter and Chicago dogs, this Norwood Park dispensary’s location next to Superdawg Drive-In may be the most enticing option. Wait until you can get back to your house before you start dipping into your stock. Consume Cannabis Company, which has locations in Illinois and Michigan, aims to educate its customers about the medicinal properties of cannabis. Weed Street Dispensary In other words, the people working the counter are well-versed in the products they’re selling and how they’ll affect your body, so they can assist you make an informed decision.

Moca River North Is A Great Place To Begin Your Ascent.

Customers can purchase recreational marijuana goods at the Ascend River North facility, which features an expansive Ohio Street shop that is flanked by displays of items and televisions that show close-up images of buds. Before you even get to the counter, you can get a sense of what’s available, but the staff has always been happy to help & answer any questions. The free on-site parking at this downtown dispensary is one among the best features, since it makes it convenient for those entering through I-90/94’s Ohio Street exit.

In Chicago, Columbia Care Is Available

There’s no shortage of alternatives when it comes to exploring the inventory of this Jefferson Park dispensary, which offers walk-in recreational cannabis shopping, virtual consolation for medical users, and online purchase. Columbia Care is part of a national chain of dispensaries, and guests are ushered into an airy, wood-paneled showroom filled with succulents & lined with drawers that store a selection of flower, vape, edibles, and extracts—including some in-house brands.

Chicago’s Marijuana Company

Weed Street Dispensary, Maribis has all the cannabis goods you’d expect to find, but it lacks the modern appearance and other gimmicks that other Chicago pharmacies boast about. The Archer Height dispensary is one of very few spots in the city’s Southwest Side where you can buy flowers, edibles, and concentrates—you can even order online for pickup.