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Cheapest Weed Dispensary, Along with Washington, D.C., and Guam, 18 U.S. states have made it legal for adults to use cannabis. This year, sales in the U.S., including sales of medical marijuana, are expected to top $24 billion. This is about 40% from 2020, a record year for the marijuana industry.

In the future, more growth is likely. Vermont will also legalize marijuana in 2022, and South Dakota is also moving toward making it legal for adults to use cannabis for fun. Last year, voters in California approved a ballot measure that said this. Advocates want to try the case again next year, even though state officials could get a court to throw it out on technical grounds.

Cheapest Weed Dispensary, Weedmaps data looked at the price trends for federally legalized recreational marijuana. We put most of our attention on Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington because those states have the most developed markets in the country. The pricing information is accurate as of November 2021, including prices for marijuana flowers, concentrate, edibles, and other products.

Laws, taxes, and competition in each state all have a big effect on how much marijuana costs. Illinois has very high prices, with even the smallest dispensaries charging an average of over $50. The most affordable stores in Alaska, Maine, and Massachusetts often have prices between $30 and $40.

There are a lot of dispensaries in Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado, so the average price is less than $20. In California, where farmers and dealers have recently fought, competition and oversupply are strong forces. Since marijuana is still against the law at the federal level, you can’t sell it in another state.

Cheapest Weed Dispensary, But all of this competition among consumers has led to low prices. Based on the average price of their products, these are some of the least expensive dispensaries in each of the seven states we looked at.


Cheapest Weed Dispensary, In 2014, Alaska became the third U.S. state to make marijuana use legal for adults. Since then, the industry has grown a lot, and there are now a lot of dispensaries in the state. There are a lot of licensees who all want to sell the same limited items, and there are also a lot of tax problems. Even so, cannabis continues to bring in money for the state. By 2020, it will have made more money than alcohol. 

Alaska’s marijuana prices are still high compared to those in other states. On the other hand, this list of the cheapest stores is ordered by average price. The average price of an item in Anchorage, AK Frost is $35.47. This business has won the High Times Cannabis Cup twice a row. The shop sells pre-rolled joints, concentrates, vaporizers, and flowers up to 1g in size.

At The Fireweed Factory in Juneau, the average price of an item is $38.64. This store sells marijuana treats, vape pens, concentrates, seeds, and flowers in pre-rolled amounts as small as 0.5g. 

Cheapest Weed Dispensary, On average, each item at the Depot in Willow costs $43. The shop is in a village of 2,000 people about 70 miles northwest of Anchorage. It sells flowers, sweets, topicals (like balms and lotions), concentrates, and vape pens.

California: Cheapest Weed Dispensary

Cheapest Weed Dispensary, Pot has always been popular in California. The so-called “Emerald Triangle,” made up of Humboldt, Marin, and Trinity counties is where most of the marijuana used in the United States is consumed. The Bay Area and the Central Valley, which is a center for farming, have the lowest prices overall. And there are also some cheap options in and around Los Angeles. 

On average, items at The Hook Outlet in Capitola cost $19.50. Santa Cruz is one of California’s two “Surf Cities,” therefore it’s not surprising that it has cheap marijuana (the other is Huntington Beach). Cannabis and surfing have been around for a long time. The dispensary’s website says it has the “best cheap cannabis” in the area, and our research shows that this is true.

In Modesto, patient care comes first. On average, each item costs $20.10. This dispensary sells both medical and recreational marijuana. It is in central California, near many regular warehouses with low roofs. Weedmaps says it will have a lot of different kinds of products, like a flower, vape pens, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and growing seeds.

The average price of an item at HHC Plus in Los Angeles is $20.36. Since 2006, this shop near downtown Los Angeles has sold marijuana for medical and recreational use. This store sells a wide range of edibles, concentrates, vape pens, topical products, and flowers.


Cheapest Weed Dispensary, In 2012, Colorado made it legal for adults to use marijuana, which gave the state’s marijuana business a lot of time to grow. Here are the stores with the lowest prices. The average price of an item at Antonito Dispensary 7884 is $17.51. This store is owned and run by veterans, and it’s in a small village with less than 1,000 people near the border with New Mexico. 

The dispensary says it has a “big selection of high-quality flowers and concentrate,” but there isn’t much information about each item online. The store just opened a few days ago. Boulder, TweedLeaf Boulder, average price: $19.50. This business is part of a regional network with locations all over the state, such as in Denver and the nearby town of Black Hawk. 

Cheapest Weed Dispensary

Surprisingly, the costs are the lowest in Boulder, and the state’s lowest cost of living is in the 80303 zip code near the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. Federal Heights Green Sativa, $19.62 on average. About 10 miles north of Denver is a business making products for fun and health. Some of the most popular items are strawberry-flavored candies, 3.5g of Jack Herer green Sativa, 14g of Lilac Diesel hybrid, a pre-roll of Red Headed Stranger green Sativa, and a 0.5g distillate cartridge.


Cheapest Weed Dispensary, The most expensive pot in the country is now legal in one of the country’s newest states. Making sure there are enough license vendors to match the enormous demand has been difficult.

A typical item from Zen Leaf, Aurora, costs $54.56. Zen Leaf is a national company that started in Las Vegas and has stores in nine states. The store sells food, flowers, and concentrated items.

Earthed, Rosemont has items that cost an average of $54.91 each. This store is part of a business operating in and around Chicago and nearby cities. They sell a variety of flowers, edibles, concentrated products, and a special house-blend drop that mixes cannabis with other things, like caffeine.

Cheapest Weed Dispensary, The average price of an item at Zen Leaf, Naperville, was $55.42. You can find another location of the chain store near Aurora, on the edge of the Chicago metropolitan area. Weedmaps says that this place sells both flowers and concentrates.


In 2016, voters made it legal for adults to use marijuana. After a year, the state’s infrastructure has grown quickly, with 58 shops, 26 production facilities, 50 cultivation sites, and three testing labs, just some of the results. But there are still not that many dispensaries, which affects the prices.

The average price for Solon, Limited Edition Farm, is $33.75. Weedmaps says that even though Solon is a small town in central Maine with less than 1,100 people, this store has a variety of flowers and concentrates. The website says that the dispensary is a “hidden gem” with helpful employees and high-quality products.

South Portland, pick something that costs an average of $42.50. This business is run by a family and sells flowers, concentrates, and edibles. You can also pick up your order or have it delivered.

Each item at JAR Cannabis in South Portland costs $45.64. This vertically integrated company sells flowers, edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and topicals. If you like drinks, JAR also has cola with added flavors and apple cider with seasonal flavors.


Cheapest Weed Dispensary, Even the wealthiest parts of Boston, as well as the whole city, are full of marijuana. Even though business is booming, state vendors must deal with many problems. Some of these are license restrictions, zoning restrictions, and supply-related restrictions. 

Verilife, Shrewsbury, standard item costs $30. This store, part of a chain located in several states, knows a bit about technology. The website has a smart interface that helps people who are new to marijuana find the best products. There are edibles and concentrates for sale at the Shrewsbury location.

Cheapest Weed Dispensary

Brockton costs, on average, $40 for things that make people happy and healthy. This store is part of a chain with two other locations in Massachusetts, one in Sandwich on Cape Cod and one near Boston. Can buy both flowers and concentrates here.
Cheapest Weed Dispensary, Refuge, Brookline On average, each item costs $43. This shop has several locations in Massachusetts and Florida. In Florida, you can only use marijuana for medical purposes, and the website lets you buy more than 200 kinds of marijuana.