Business Concierge Services Explained:
Make the most of it

 New clients or existing businesses. 

We understand how valuable your time is and we want to make your experience the best it can possibly be. We are offering a limited time First Class Business Concierge Service.

From setting up your store, to loading up images, writing description, and even marketing consultation. With business security, privacy, and exceptional world class service, we are here to serve you!

What is Got Weed? Business Concierge?

A concierge is an individual or an organization which offers personal assistance on almost all aspects of setting up your store or service on the Got Weed? application, from uploading company information, uploading images, helping with copy, and even marketing consultation.  The desire for experience over ownership in this era of digital technology is driving modern concierge companies to deliver exceptional services to its prospective clients.

Some of the tasks that a typical concierge service arranges or performs are listed below:

  • Logo and Banner Creation
  • Logo Upload to Got Weed? platform upload 
  • Banner upload 
  • Business information setup
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Product onboarding
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Client Relations

Types of Concierge Services

These are the list of services that we offer companies that are looking to expand their business operations and marketing exposure to like-minded individuals. 

Logo Creation and Banner Creation
Creating a logo and banner is difficult when you don’t have a graphic designer.  We offer this service and give you peace of mind that your logo and banner will stand out and you’d be proud to show your family and friends. 

Business Account Set-up
Our dedicated team will set-up your business account on Got Weed? application and have it running smoothly.

Product Set-up and onboarding 
Our concierge staff will upload your product into the application and include the description and quantity of your item. 

Marketing Consultation
We have an extensive and well-season marketing staff who specialize in this industry. From writers, graphic designers, web development, social media assistants, brand specialist, conversion experts, and revenue technology operation practitioners we got you covered.  

Client Relations and Trouble Shooting
Have trouble with Got Weed? application not working, we got you covered. We over troubleshoot services for any difficulty that you may have with the tool. We also ask for any feedback that you may have that can increase the productivity of your business, by including in our next product releases. 

Benefits of Concierge Services

Concierge services make your life easier and also get the job done to your total satisfaction. Here are a few benefits of availing a concierge service:

Saves time
One of the most obvious benefits of leveraging a concierge service is that it allows you to have more time and energy to attend to what really matters. While the concierge takes care of store setup, marketing, and other operations, you can build goals and connect relationships to further your business. 

Reliability is one of the key factors essential to any concierge’s survival and reputation. Most concierge services guarantee this through trained personnel and a dedicated network of specialized contacts from graphic designers and marketing agencies to revenue operations.

Exclusive privileges and complimentary benefits
You can get seemingly impossible things done at the last minute due to the well-connected and vast network of concierge services. 

Emergency assistance
Emergency assistance for troubleshooting needs happens and we got you covered. 


Concierge services are a huge potential need in this industry. We are here to make the difficult technical aspects of setting up an account and business in Got Weed? feel easy and stress-free. We are here not just as concierges but as dedicated industry experts.