What To Do With Weed Stems

What To Do With Weed Stems

There are many parts of Cannabis plants that cannabis lovers use in different ways. Be it for the terpenes to the trichomes, Any part of the plant that can give them some kind of use a benefit is taken in. You would have heard of the flowers being used for smoking or vaping and leaves being used for some other purposes, but have you ever heard or thought about how the stems of weed can be used? Have you ever wondered if these parts have any use or benefits? Weed plants, on the whole, are a very beneficial plant that can be used for not one but many different purposes. There are many e ingredients that you would be aware of extracted to get something good that can be repurposed. But even when we hear about all those parts, we seldom hear about the weed stems being talked about. The stems might be the least thought out part of the plant.

It is not that anyone buying buds would deliberately want some other parts of the plant to tag along. But whenever you buy the nugs, you would see that some of the nuts have small sticks green in color attached to them. This doesn’t mean that someone is knowingly putting those stems in it, but you have to understand that these buds were once a part of the plant, so at the time of the flowers getting completely ready for harvest. Cutting them can sometimes, and then packing them all together can leave a few sticks remaining attached to the buds and tag along. 

Many times, people are forced to question the purpose of stems coming along with the nugs. Many often wonder whether the stems’ purpose is similar to that of the flowers and if they can use weed stems to smoke, just like the flowers. But if you are thinking of this, it would be bad news to hear that the stems are not good for smoking. Also, the purpose behind smoking Cannabis or weed is to get the essence of CBD and THC consumed by the body and feel euphoric and relaxed. But stems are the part of the plant where you will get very little to completely no THC in them, which means that smoking these stems is not worth putting hard work into. Buying good quality buds will make sure that the product you receive has little to no sticks tagging along, while when you are not looking for quality when you have to be prepared to have some sticks attached to the buds coming along in your purchase. 

Although it might seem heartbreaking to hear that stems do not provide any THC satisfaction to you on smoking and rather can cause you health issues when smoked, it is not a complete waste of a product. Yes, you heard it right! There are other uses of weed stems; some of them are discussed here.

Top 3 Uses Of Weed Stems


1. Making topical products-

When you have weed stems stored in your jars, every time you get them with the buds you purchase and then need to throw them off, you can use them to make something useful. There are many products that are usually made with Cannabis infused in them. Sometimes certain homemade products that are good for skin care, hair care, or pain relief can be prepared at home using some special ingredients. The steps that you have stored can be tried and crushed and mixed with those other products to get the benefits of the Cannabis sticks and make the homemade topical products much healthier and more useful. 

2. Making stem tea-

cannabis tea

Another important purpose that the terms of your weed plant can serve is to make tea. Many of you might have already gone through the recipe for cannabis-infused tea. There are a few extra steps that are involved in making Cannabis tea with leaves. Making cannabis tea with stems is a much easier and refreshing task as you can have the end product in less time. so you need to invest less time in making it than you take while making tea with Cannabis leaves. For this, you have to keep the stems stored in a jar. See to it that the stems are dry, although even if they are not, it is not a big deal. Keeping them dry helps in longer storage. For this, you need to boil your water at the stems and leave it covered for some time. Once the water absorbs the essence of the stems, you can remove all the stems and enjoy the tea. 

3. Making paper-

You can also use the stems in a very unconventional way by making Cannabis stem paper. For this, you need to store the stems together. Ensure that their stems are not limited but that a good amount is taken together. It should be more so that the blending process becomes easier and you get a good amount of paper in one go. Use a Blender and add the sticks with some paper the regular kind will do, and blend them together to mix it up into a pulp. Make sure that after the plant is prepared, you have to spread it out evenly on your VAT and then let it dry for almost two to three days. The pulp must be spread out and dried completely before making proper use of it.

Bottom line-

Here we saw some of the unconventional uses of the stems that you get from the Cannabis flowers. One might easily think that these are some of the best products that you get tagging along with the flowers that you purchase, but here we come to know about some of the different uses that you can make of his stems and not let them go as waste products. So you know what to do with the stems next time.