Cannabis for Hair loss and Alopecia

Cannabis for Hair loss and Alopecia

Everybody, at some point or other, has had some hair-related problems. They want to go back to the time when they used to be healthy and strong. Many people think that once the hair gets damaged, you just have to maintain getting the older version of your hair is not possible. But this is not true. With proper care and the right nutrition, you cannot only get healthier hair, but you can also get a lot of volume, sometimes even more than what you had expected. A regular hair routine, eating the right foods, and allowing your hair to get the right nutrition will do the job.

Alopecia and hair issues

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss and hair thinning. One such problem in which an individual completely loses the hair and, given the medications are not that helpful, is Alopecia areata. This is an autoimmune disease in which the individual slowly sheds off all the hair. This often comes as a surprise to the individual who is suffering because it is completely unpredictable and influences People at any age. Experts say that this has nothing to do with food or hair care but has genetic roots that might have been carried to the individual. When someone is suffering from alopecia areata, they have patches of hair falling off, but if they have lost all their hair, then the diagnosis changes to alopecia totalis. This problem with hair fall is not confined to just one gender; it can affect anybody from any race or place. When it comes to general hair loss, there are certain actions that can reduce and help in the rejuvenation of the hair. Here we will discuss both the cases of general hair loss and Alopecia and the things that have been helpful.

What can be done to reverse the general hair loss?

General hair loss has no certain reasons that can be worked on to reverse the process of hair damage and regionate the hairs to get back the healthy, Luscious locks that you expected. We are mentioning tips that can help reverse the damage and regain your hair volume.

  • Indulging in a proper hair care routine allows you to regularly keep your hair in check. It is like working on therapy and helping your hair. Proper oiling and massaging are necessary to treat your hair from the room and give the relaxation your scalp deserves. 
  • Do not use better Harsh Chemicals, as they will damage your hair even more. Try using mild shampoos and, with a massaging action, wash your hair every three days or twice a week. When your hair is wet, do not rub the towel on your hair but gently move it all over the hair to let the towel soak up the moisture. Use proper conditioner to lock the moisture in your hair so your hair doesn’t get dry, and this will reduce the breakage.
  • Do not comb or brush your hair when they are wet, but if it is necessary, try using the White tooth hair brush that will cause minimum breakage. 
  • Try to change your diet and add more nutrition to your plate, like adding more fruits, vegetables, juices, eggs, lentils, etc., and ensure that there is no nutritional imbalance. When the nutrition you get is complete, your hair will also get the nutrition it needs, and it will become healthier. You can also add Bliss THC gummies or other cannabis gummies to get the beneficial properties of Cannabis in your system that will help your hair repair. 

What can be done to help the cases of alopecia areata?

alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a genetic issue that people are affected with and will notice loss and bald patches on the scalp. Genetical issues cannot be reversed or changed, but the damage can be slowed down. Following a proper Hair Care routine and good nutritional food to support hair growth, the hair loss will not get noticed much when the process of hair loss is slowed down, and the rest of the hair is healthy and growing. In the case of Alopecia, The immune system once the body starts attacking the hair follicles, so the treatment includes medications that slow this process, and the immune system is affected by the medications to stop the damage to hair follicles. 

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What experts advice?

Experts say that it is important for an individual to focus more on their nutritional intake when they want to grow hair and want a healthier-looking head full of thick, luscious locks. Increasing the intake of nutrients and nutritional food in your diet will help in healthier hair growth while the medication is acting on the autoimmune system. to have medicinal properties that help in this condition. You can also buy Cannabis-related products like the Nerds Rope edibles or CBD gummies that will help in balancing hormones and enzymes that promote the growth of hair.

Last but not the least-

A head full of healthy-looking hair is a sign of good hair care and a healthy body. So, if you are suffering from any of the hair loss problems, the above-mentioned points will definitely help you overcome these issues and help you get the luscious locks you deserve.