How to get rid of the weed smell

How to get rid of the weed smell?

Majority of states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. But cannabis users may still have a variety of reasons for wanting to mask the scent of weed after smoking.

A cannabis connoisseur’s favorite strain’s aroma may make them salivate. The smell of weed, however, is not as alluring when it permeates your home or your car’s interior. Terpenes, which are found in marijuana plants and are responsible for the smells that weed emits, are highly potent in some cannabis strains. This potent odor can contaminate your clothing, furnishings, and carpets. When unexpected visitors arrive or when their parents, neighbors, or landlords disapprove of their usage of marijuana recreationally, cannabis users may seek to cover up the smell of their smoking in a certain space. 

Here are some fast ideas on how to avoid smelling like marijuana before, during, and after smoking — or how to prevent the smell completely — whatever the reason for trying to cover up the alluring perfume of cannabis. Discover how to enjoy your preferred strains without being judged. When you want to smoke weed discreetly, use one or more of these strategies; experiment to determine which one masks the smell of your preferred sticky strain the best.

Why does weed smell?

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Cannabis has a wide variety of odor characteristics, just like its various strains. Chemicals in cannabis plants called terpenes give each cannabis strain a distinctive flavor and aroma characteristic, both before and after burning, ranging from the sharp, piney notes of Pinene to the sweet flowery scents of Linalool.

Marijuana scents are complicated by burning, which produces smoke or vapor. Smoke can quickly fill a space, attach to surfaces, and penetrate deeply into fabrics, making it a particularly challenging stench to get rid of. Marijuana smoke contains a range of compounds formed from the burning of the plant—resulting in harmful and odorous substances such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde. This combination enables smoke to linger after being consumed.

Get Rid of Weed Smell in the Air

It can be difficult to remove the smell of marijuana once it has been smoked or vaporized. The smell permeates everything -from carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, and the air. If the space where you consume marijuana is retaining the aromas of your preferred strains, you can get rid of the weed odor in the air by doing a complete deep clean or by utilizing an instant odor removing spray.

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Quick clean options

An equally natural odor-removal method is required for odors that come from natural sources. In order to create scented candles and sprays, the origins of smoke scents were studied (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde). Then, a mixture of plant oils was created to counteract those offensive compounds.

You can safely enjoy even the most fragrant marijuana strain with sprays made expressly to get rid of the weed smell, without the harsh chemicals or disguised scents of other commonplace air fresheners. While smoking marijuana, mist an odor-removal spray throughout the room and in the smoking area to get rid of the weed smell. A clean-burning scented candle can also be lit a few minutes before a session. Keep it burning for a time after you finish smoking. A thorough clean may be necessary for scents that stay longer.

Deep cleaning options

The easiest technique to get rid of cannabis smell is to thoroughly clean the entire room. You can use at-home remedies like vinegar and baking soda to deep clean.

Open every window in the room to allow in some fresh air. Diluted vinegar should be poured into bowls and dispersed throughout the area to allow it to evaporate. After the vinegar has been left to sit for a while, spray an odor-removing spray into the air to get rid of any vinegar odors and lingering smoke smells. The material should be distributed uniformly, but pay close attention to the sitting and flooring areas. A room’s freshness is often enhanced by the clean smell of the upholstery fabrics.